B. Gatsby began as a way to help earn extra income for our family and is inspired by my 2.5 year old son, Beau Gatsby. Roughly six months after I started this company my husband got a new job offer and our family moved from Texas to North Dakota. I now get to stay home with Beau and work hard to make fun unique products for your entire family.

Every single aspect of this business is run by myself from hand crafting every shirt, running social media accounts, packaging, marketing, shipping, accounting, etc. Each time you purchase from B. Gatsby you are helping to put food on our table, pay the bills and fund some activities for our growing toddler.

We have been open for one year now and are so excited about the future of this brand. Thank you for choosing to shop small and spend your hard earned money on our products. You are not only supporting my business, but my dream & my family, too!

To make a purchase, please visit our main website at www.BGatsby.com.

Lori ( & Beau Gatsby)


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