New Mommy + Me Sets!

I am so excited to share that we have just released 4 brand new designs, 3 of which are mommy and me sets! The best part? Our kids tees are gender neutral as always which means there are finally some cool sets for moms to wear with their sons!

Want even more exciting news? You can use the code FREESHIP for free shipping and handling within the US through the end of the week. Enter the code at checkout at to apply it to your order.


Do your little ones still nap? I would say I sure miss those days since Beau no longer naps and with another one on the way I’m sure it will only get harder! These fun shirts are perfect for any mom and child. The onesies come in sizes 0-3 months through 12-18 months and on kids t-shirts in sizes 6 month through youth large.wine_whine_shirts_image

Don’t get me wrong… We all ADORE our kids, I know. I love my son more than life itself. Let’s face it though, the whining can sometimes be overwhelming and after a looooong day sometimes a well deserved glass of wine can do the trick to prepare us for the next day ahead! Haha. The children’s design is available on onesies, tees and long sleeve hooded shirts. The adult design can be printed on a tank, tee, long sleeve hooded tee, raglan or sweatshirt.hood_life_shirts

Need some humor in your life or a fun gift for a friend? This set is perfect! I’ll admit I may wear this one a little too often, but it’s my favorite! I can’t wait to make Beau the kids one to match me.



Is anyone else insane in the mombrain? Insane in the brain! (Did I just age myself there? 😛 haha) Pregnancy brain and mom brain are no joke. I feel like I’ve lost my mind or more than one occasion lately. You can grab this design on a tee, raglan, long sleeve hooded tee or sweatshirt in sizes XS through XXL.


Which of the new designs is your favorite? I’d love to hear!


It’s almost the end of 2016! Time sure flies!

(Written by team blogger Amanda Mcneil)

In this in between week of Christmas and New Years we love enjoying extra time off together and we are big game people! Last holiday season we were preparing our house for our first baby and we cleaned out an entire closet that was top to bottom full of games. (Now it’s only half full of games!)
Our babe is still too small to play organized games with, but I have a few recommendations if you’ve got older children or a good group of fun-loving friends or family members. If you’re doing some entertaining this week, here are some of our favorite group games to play that you might not have ever heard of before.
This simple card game is great for traveling as it all fits in that small card-sized sack. It’s very easy to learn and play. This game is a combination of luck and strategy good for ages 8 & up. It’s for 2-4 players and the average game time is 15 minutes so you can play several rounds or just a quick game depending on how much time you have.
Choose your favorite monster and battle it out king-of-the-hill style in this simple board game. 2-6 players ages 10 & up can enjoy this fast paced board game in about 20 minutes. This is a party favorite at our house! It usually involves a little strategy, a little risk, and a lot of smack talk.
We were just gifted this game on Christmas and we already played it and love it! It sounds complicated at first since it’s a lot of cards and numbers, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily play many rounds in an hour. It’s designed for 2-4 players, but expansion packs are available, ages 12 and up.
This is another great portable card game. It is especially hilarious to play with my color-blind husband because colors are a big deal in this game! You work together as a team of 2-5 to get as many points as you can. The trick is, you can’t ever look at your own hand! This is recommended for ages 8 & up.

Do not play this game if you are easily embarrassed!!!! Quelf is random, unpredictable, and will make you do silly things if you want to win. Having a good memory and a good sense of humor will get you far in this game of mostly chance. It’s recommended for ages 12 & up, though there is a Jr. version that I haven’t played. Quelf calls itself the ultimate party game for 3-8 players, though we’ve played with many more people in teams of two before.
Happy hosting over the holidays!

Holiday Season Is Not Over!

(Written by team blogger, Claire Flores)

Yes, Thanksgiving was last month, Christmas is here but don’t say goodbye to that holly jolly feeling just yet. One thing I hate about the holiday season (hmmmm, take that back, probably the only thing… I hate mall parking  😠) is that as quickly as the holidays creep up, they’re over. If I went through all the work of hanging up cheerful decor, dragging that Oregon pine tree into my house, draping it with beautiful ornaments, and grabbing as many kid-friendly activities as possible, I want it to last more than a couple of weeks.


I like to drag it on as much as possible… my husband, not so much, haha. I come from a Mexican-Catholic family and I love it! We get to celebrate Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) and Christmas Day. Then, we all have New Years Eve, but a few days later, the Latin American and Spanish children get to celebrate Dia De Los Reyes Magos (The Three Wise Men/3 Kings Day). Many countries around the world celebrate this day in different ways, my family spends this day listening to Spanish holiday music, eating the delicious “Rosca de Reyes” and having the children place their shoe (just one, not to be greedy) by a window or near the chimney for the “Kings” to leave goodies. All this means days and weeks of celebrating (which again, I LOVE!) but it also means having to figure out ways to keep my youngest one busy/entertained. I don’t know about you guys, but oh how I enjoy hearing my little one tell me “I’m bored” every 15 minute 😒.

I load up on kid crafts, iPad games (Santa Tracker and Phone Father Christmas, both free downloads), Christmas books (our fave was “A Letter To Santa” -which comes with a blank letter and gold envelope), Gingerbread house, etc. Below are a few of the things we’ve been spending our holiday time doing…



From my family to yours, hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!


– Fabulously Frank Madre

Winter Momstyle

(Written by team blogger, Amanda Mcneil)
Connecting with other Mamas on social media has been so fun for me as a new mom. It’s encouraging to see that other moms have messy houses, go five days without washing their hair, and legit need multiple cups of coffee a day because the tiredness is real!!! It’s also encouraging to see other moms take the time to have some self care, date nights, and of course treasure the many precious childhood memories that only mamas get to be part of.
That being said, I’ve gathered up some inspiration for your winter wardrobe from some of my favorite mom bloggers and small shops.
At B. Gatsby we have some special mom threads. The shop is closed for Christmas right now, but I still can’t get over this amazing raglan!
Now, keep in mind, I’m a Florida girl. So my version of “winter wardrobe” is likely different from many of yours. I know nothing about a proper coat!
I have only heard amazing these about Blanqi maternity leggings for all the pregnant mamas out there! Almost every mama I follow on Instagram raves about them! And who doesn’t need a good quality pair of leggings?
My girls at Fancy Free Boutique have the cutests sweaters, ponchos, & dresses! I love buying from their shop because it’s always comfy and good quality. Check their Instagram for a sale code!
Sew Chic Studio just released a new line of handmade scarves! These cozy accessories are perfect for giving new life to your wardrobe at an affordable cost.
Finally, if you need a little more inspiration, follow these amazing mama/fashion bloggers. I’m always inspired by them!
Amy Lou Hawthorne – Instagram “Blogger”
And I’m Amanda McNeilHaus of McNeil Blog (photo by Andi Mejia.)
Happy inspiration & enjoy this Holiday season!!!

Baking With Little Helpers

(Written by team blogger, Claire Flores)

My 8 year old had been bugging to bake Christmas cookies for weeks, she really wanted to bake. I must have told her “this weekend babe” at least 3 times and still no cookies. So after being hit by that parent guilt, we got to baking this past weekend. We decided on good old sugar cookies and made a list of all the ingredients we would need. I love making shopping lists, it really does help with my horrible mom-brain fog. A list also helps with little shoppers that want to grab every yummy (bad) snack or new treat they happen to see… when we take a list, we tend to stick to what is on it and not grab unnecessary items.

We hit up Walmart for our cookie baking supplies, they usually have an entire section set-up for holiday bakers and their prices beat going to our local crafts/baking store (will not mention names but it rhymes with schmichaels). We grabbed a couple of Dallies sprinkles, edible glitters and icing bags. We loved how easy Dallies icing bags were to use, they have the piping tip already attached, which means no need to purchase them separately or deal with them falling off. When I bake with the kiddos, I like to line the area we will be working on with wax paper, it makes working with the dough easier… and the clean-up too!


For our dough, we use a basic recipe, which makes the softest sugar cookies ever. It rolls out great and keeps its shape in the oven perfectly. I have included the recipe’s ingredients below –

2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter, room temperature

1 oz. cream cheese, softened

1 large brown egg

1 cup sugar

3 cups flour

1 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

1 tbs cinnamon

1 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional, but it really does add a yummy flavor to the cookies!)

Whisk all the dry ingredients first, separately. In an electric mixer (or hand held), mix the wet ingredients and beat until fluffy.


Slowly add the dry ingredients to the butter/cream cheese mixture until combined. We divide our dough into 3 sections (balls), place our dough balls onto lightly-floured wax paper and roll out to about 1/8 inch thick. Using your choice of cookie cutters, my daughter chose to make gingerbread girls and boys (her words exactly) and Christmas trees, proceed to cut out your cookies. Place them on wax paper covered cookie sheets and bake at 375 degrees for approximately 7 minutes (or until sides become golden). Let them cool for about 5 minutes before moving to cooling rack. It really works best if you let the cookies rest on the cooling rack for an additional 15 minutes before decorating… it makes a huge difference on how your icing will set.


Baking with kids does not have to be torture, there are a few things I like to do to make it more enjoyable. For example, keep a trash can next to the area you will be decorating at, since no one wants little frosted-fingers running back and forth through the kitchen. Cover the decorating area with a disposable, dollar store tablecloth, to stop food colors or icing from staining the counters/table. And lastly, let the kids be part of the action, I know I used to micromanage mine when baking and they hated it. I let my daughter go to town with decorating this time, and she had a blast making her “Ugly Sweater Gingerbread Girls & Boys”. I loved seeing how creative (and a little crazy) she got with her cookie decorating skills. I made our Christmas baking time extra fun by wearing my B.Gatsby holiday tee to match hers.



From this blogging mama to you, have a Very Merry Christmas and go ahead, have a cookie or three!


Fabulously Frank Madre

Rolling With The Punches


(Written by team blogger, Whitney Jones)
Disney World is my favorite. Most of the movies my husband and I see in theaters are Disney animated films (though I made a special exception for Jurassic World… #gimmeallthedinosaurs) From visits as a child to coming as an adult pre-parenthood, there’s something about watching kids (and let’s face it, adults too) get lost in the magic. I don’t care how many times I visit, watching a kid lose their minds over meeting their favorite character brings tears to my eyes. Heck. Just THINKING about it while writing this brought tears to my eyes. So believe me when I say I am an unabashed, full fledged believer in Disney Magic.
I was exceedingly excited to take Penelope for her first Disney adventure when my parents suggested a family trip last February. My first memory is at two years old riding Dumbo with my dad; I’d catalogued photos from past trips to recreate with Penny, and meticulously planned (and overpacked) themed outfits for the three of us. I was PUMPED.
AND THEN THE WORST THING HAPPENED (yes, I hyperbolize). The night we arrived in Orlando, my husband and I came down with a whopper of a stomach flu. I ended up in the ER for IV fluids. The night before Penny’s first trip to Disney I was in the ER being pumped full of 9 lbs of fluids. Super fun, right? ….right. 😒
I was devastated; the entire vacation (you know, the one that hadn’t started yet) was obviously ruined.  But a funny thing happened: my brothers and sister in law took Penny the first day.  While my husband and I were sad we weren’t able to go with her, she had a wonderful time with her family. She didn’t melt down. She didn’t spontaneously combust. More importantly, J and I got more sleep in one sitting than we have since she was born.
Gatorade by Gatorade we started feeling more human and we are – slowly – back on our feet. Missing a day or two of vacation ISN’T the worst thing that’s ever happened.  In fact, it was a blessing in disguise. Had we gotten that sick while at home there would have been no one to scoop up Penny so we could heal. Rolling with the punches doesn’t mean the end of the world. Plans change, and we adjust.  We may not have been the first people she came to the parks with, but we’ve made (and continue to make) memories we will all cherish.
Is a 7 hour ER stay the BEST way to start a vacation? No. Dear god, no. But it definitely wasn’t the worst thing in the world, either.
I mean, we’re still trying to coordinate our family photo in our amazing matching b.gatsby shirts, but I trust we’ll get it done.”
My view for about 7 hours on Monday night into Tuesday.
Penny got a kiss from Cinderella!  Thanks so much, Aunt Kristen, for hanging out with her while we were sick! Definitely “too legit to quit”.
We DEFINITELY still hit up Dumbo.

Holiday Crafting Made Easy

(Written by team blogger, Nikki Richardson)

It’s that time again where the Holiday season is upon us and we have so much on the agenda with so little time. I love crafting with my boys all year but the holidays is exceptionally special! I have come up wit a few easy crafts to do at home with your kids, most are all age friendly. Of course my teenager would much rather be in front of his Xbox, but I can get him interested at times!

First up if you have a Hobby Lobby in your area they have a bunch of crafts that are affordable and easy to do. They also always have 40% coupons so you can’t beat that! I am a room mom for my middle son so I have been accumulating crafts everytime I visit.

So here is an easy way to make candy cane ornaments, I got the kit from Hobby Lobby, all of their Christmas stuff is on sale 50% off right now. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby you can also visit another craft store and pick up some red and white beads and some pipe cleaner. Same effect just a different method. The picture is what I bought from Hobby lobby it was 50% off. I plan on making these with CJ’s class.


Next up I also like to look to Pinterest for ideas as well. I found this craft for a Paper Plate Christmas Trees this looks like an easy and quick craft to with the family. There are also a lot of other cute crafts on that site that will work. Remember the crafts don’t have to be difficult or time consuming. You can have fun doing easy crafts that are fun for the whole family.

A craft that I have fun doing with the whole family is decorating a gingerbread house. This is one of the few crafts I can get the 17 year old to do an actually have fun doing it.  Now there are people who do this from scratch and i am sure if you search it you will find how to make gingerbread. However, a busy mommy like myself has no time for that. I would much rather just go to Walmart and picking up a kit like this….My family has made one every year and we have a blast, even if the boys are arguing about what goes where.


These are just a few things that I like to do. I find that browsing different blog sites and Pinterest are the best ways to get some awesome crafts to do with the family. Leave a comment below on things that you like to do. The more we can gather the more crafty we can get this holiday Season!

Cyber Monday – 40% off at B. Gatsby!

Use the code CYBERMONDAY at to save 40% on your ENTIRE order! Plus, get FREE S&H on orders of $75+ within the US.

Many designs are last chance and won’t be re-printed or coming back, and inventory has been updated on everything (both ready to ship and made to order for kids and adults). Don’t miss out on our last sale of the year. Our shop closes December 15th to get orders out before the holiday and we won’t re-open until 2017.


Tackling The Holiday Wardrobe

(Written by team blogger Claire Flores)

Let’s be honest, most of us moms would love to drape our little ones in the best a kids holiday collection has to offer. But the truth is our wallets probably couldn’t (really, shouldn’t) take it. Keeping it real, I don’t know about you all, but I can’t afford shopping complete new outfits for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. With the holiday gift list already setting us back some…holiday outfits can sometimes take the backseat or altogether just not happen. There’s been years where I just grab anything remotely “Christmas-y” out of their dresser and call it a day. Hell, we already have tons of other things to worry about; like making sure we pick up everything we need for the holiday dinner and making the house look semi-decent.

But for the years I am totally in holiday spirit mode and want the kids to look the part, I like to shop with “future wear” on mind. I like buying items that could be worn again, good pieces that will work for other occasions. The following are some of the things that work for me when it comes to holiday wardrobe shopping. First stop? Your kid’s closet! Yup, I know it might be tempting to purchase an entire new look. I get it, believe me, any excuse to hit H&M but chances are you have your starter piece in there already. For example, any sequined, glitter-covered, shiny skirt will work. Pair that with a cute Christmas tee and you’ve got your outfit, I love the ‘tee tucked into a skirt’ look! You could check out a small shop for cheerful holiday tees, when you shop small you’re not only supporting a small business but your kiddo will most likely not have a twinning moment with anyone at the Christmas party. This year, we ordered our holiday tees from B.Gatsby, which is one of our favorite small shops for t-shirts.
My next piece of advice? Purchase at least one size up, depending on how quickly your little one grows, you might be able to go up two sizes… some kids go through clothing like busymamas go through the Starbucks drive-thru. A good holiday tee can be used again or passed down to a younger sibling. The same rule applies to dresses, you always want to buy at least one size up. Dresses are usually one of the more pricier clothing items, so ideally you want to get a couple of uses out of them. I also like to look for colors other than green or red, since those particular colors don’t really work throughout the year. A good color choice would be white, you can throw on a pair of red ballet flats and a jolly red bow. A black dress can be styled with gold or silver shoes and hair accessories. Don’t be afraid to try something different; burgundy, emerald, navy blue and even dark purple are great for the holiday season.
These colors look awesome on boys too- an emerald or burgundy button-up pairs perfect with a pair of navy dockers or tan slacks. Dresses, button-ups and slacks are pieces that we usually end up needing during the year anyways, when weddings comes up, for graduations, on Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, etc. Dresses and button-ups are two clothing items we shouldn’t totally hate ourselves for spending a little extra on. Remember, most clothing stores put their formal, festive clothing on sale after the holidays. This would be the best time to grab a few items (sized-up!) for the following year. And if you’re still not convinced or my advice completely sucked, go grab a new pair of holiday jammies for them, a chilled bottle of Stella for yourself and have a holly jolly Christmas… cheers!
Fabulously Frank Madre

Black Friday Sales!

Want the inside scoop on some of the biggest and best Black Friday sales around? Skip the big box stores this year and head over to grab some hand crafted small shop gifts instead!

We’ve brought you the sales info from 20 different shops selling a range of kids apparel, women’s apparel, home goods, pet goodies & more. Some of these deals start Thursday, some are certain days only, while others run the whole weekend.

Don’t miss out on these AMAZING deals. I know our shop, B. Gatsby, is offering the biggest sales we’ve ever had before. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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